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Medical Curtain:

AFCL offers privacy cubicle curtains and tracks to meet the needs of hospitals, medical clinics, emergency care facilities, and other medical facilities. Because privacy cubicle track is so often seen in hospitals, it is also referred to as hospital track as well. With the combinations of straight track sections, spliced together with 45 and 90 degree bends, this track can be used to achieve virtually any layout or configuration.

The track systems are comprised of cubicle track sections, splicers, carriers with hooks, and end stops. Installation of these track systems is straightforward and can be done on finished or drop ceilings. Suspension hardware is also available to drop the track down from a high ceiling or to avoid lights or vents. Our industry standard cubicle track system is ideal to outfit a new build out or to replace old or damaged tracks. AFCL also offers a flexible track system if custom curves are required, allowing the track to follow almost any layout needed. Drop chains with or without hooks are also available.

Our Medical Curtain Products:

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